May the Farce be with you

Panic is highly contagious, especially in situations when nothing is known and everything is in flux. -Stephen King

Back to Light

I don't know about you but I'm celebrating my family and friends being safe, having a fur buddy to cuddle up with me at night, getting up while it is still light out, writing this blog, and gratitude for another day to go searching for more loo roll and kitty litter - the glamour of it all. Stay safe out there!

Spring is in the Air

It's the March linkup party already. I was MIA in February, I had too many things in the air to make time for a post. I hope you join us soon with your own story, all the details are on this blog link from A Chronic Voice After returning from New Orleans, I have been…Read more Spring is in the Air

January Dreams

Envisioning is important without plans to action our moods can plummet in the chronic illness community especially when even a plan is impossible. Holding a vision is paramount to boosting you from the dark day to the outdoors. So that whatever pace it takes, it takes, and is right for you

December Embers

I jumped straight back into fostering and got 10 week old kittens; Domino and Felix above. They hid behind the wardrobe one on top of the other for most of the eve. I had to locate them with the flashlight on my phone. I got awoken by their pitter patter of paws playing at 1.30am and have been up since watching them and writing.

November Rain

I've been looking for a new place for 6 months now. I assumed the agent would contact me before the weekend but he hasn't so he's either waiting for my references to check out or Mercury got it's cosmic clutches on my tenancy agreement. Either way me and Oreo are headed into the unknown next week. Care to join us?

October Zest

I remember - when I was a kid - my mam having one big fur coat in her wardrobe (no idea if it was real fur) - I used to climb in thinking I could find the magic portal and Narnia would be my very own story.

August Alright Already!

I want the excitement of landing down on the tarmac and smelling that outside airport air when you haven't even booked your first nights accommodation yet.

Welcome to Spoonville

As I sit on my bed with curtains closed, sunglasses and ice pack on, ya know...the usual. I'm trying very hard not throw up and not to give up. I woke up this morning and turned to the cat "wtf happened while I was asleep Leo?" Convinced I'd been struck numerous times with a mallet…Read more Welcome to Spoonville

Health At Every Size

I wanted to watch it blow up and burn away into the night. While we stand hand in hand smiling, watching the embers trying to figure out if they're of earth or sky but for sure not of her one moment longer.


June Bug

I write and I wonder; what next? Where is the place that doesn't have harsh lighting, that peripheral sounds won't crash my nervous system, where strong odours won't trigger my migraines. How long could I work on a computer in sunglasses and would that even be allowed?

April’s Fool

I can't believe we're already entering the second quarter of the year. How's everyones resolutions holding up? I'm kind of glad I didn't make any specific goals myself. I've been so fatigued, my hospital and GP visits alone have been such a tiring factor in this year so far but I also haven't given up…Read more April’s Fool

18 Memes that really get Bipolar Disorder

While bipolar disorder is no laughing matter. Memes bring me comfort to acknowledge there are others out there that know exactly how it feels to live with it.

Medicated Weight Gain and Body Positvity

I'm disappointed because while Olanzapine did help the bipolar immensely they have caused me to gain 40lbs in two months and still growing. I am experiencing all the side effects listed. I've even started falling asleep into glucose comas after having breakfast in the mornings. It's scary.

Migraines On My Brain

For someone who taught dance and yoga classes my balance is now abysmal. I fall over to the side a lot especially when I move to pick something up. I need ear plugs and sunglasses if I go into brightly lit and noisy atmospheres.

March-ing Without Orders

As I almost dropped off asleep during meditation I got interrupted by my cat demanding the loves. She's now fast asleep and I am rewired and unable to get my snoozels on (thanks Leo!)

Intersectional Illnesses

To allow myself and others be forgiven because life is short and full of curve balls but they don't need to be thrown out of bitterness.


As the first anniversary of my mam Dawn Emily Kane approaches there’s been a surge of irreconcilable grief and disbelief bubbling to the surface of my awareness. Writing and gentle dance has helped me embrace the great void and flatness that her beautiful gift of motherhood used to fill without us even realising just how understated and effortless she made it appear. Now of course I know how lucky I was to have a woman with that much inner strength to carry herself through life with a playfulness and love so great she touched everyone with a piece of her and so her heart still walks around down here in all her children, grand-children, her sister and brothers, her nieces and nephews, and her friends; she’s never far from us because she gave all of herself to life.

Mini Marathon and M.E.

Nothing is taken for granted anymore. Every time might be the last time so treasure it like no other love was known but this moment, this person, family blesses you in ways only your heart can truly acknowledge.

I’m Alive! I’m Dying! Nope Still Alive, Carry on!

I am terrified of hospitals because it makes the hypersensitivity symptoms and pain excruciating. Unfortunately most staff are not educated yet on how to treat people living with M.E. so you continuously feel very unsafe in your body all the time.

The End of a Dickade

Today was amazing. Seeing my niece and nephew, spending time with them and my sister, brother and brother in law. Catching up on all their news. Christmas cheer is here. So much to be thankful for. A feeling you can only describe as home this festive season. I love that my nephew made sure the…Read more The End of a Dickade